Before I started my career in learning design and educational technology, I taught ESL for 3 years. I taught for two years in South Korea and one year in Japan, both at the middle school level (Grade 6 to 8 or 13 to 16 years old). I am forever grateful for my experiences abroad as it shaped my educational career today. 
Previously, I have incorporated technology and a multimodal approach to teaching where students can make meaning to their learning authentically. I found that technology-supported my English curriculum by building a collaborative learning environment and nurturing students' digital literacies by incorporating social media, blogs, and game-based learning in my classroom. Lastly, I found that creative projects using digital mediums can offer a more fulfilling learning environment that can involve all learners regardless of their level of language ability.

Here is my resource website on incorporating holistic education with technology for English Language Learners below: 
This video won a Bronze Award for English Program in Korea(EPIK) Program. The EPIK Program is a division of the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology that hires native English teachers to teach in Korean public schools. Watch my experience teaching abroad in Daegu, South Korea, and the adventures I got to experience. 
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