A Critical Incident Scenario for a Psychological First Aid Course
This video aims to teach effective stress incident management through practical examples and case studies. We emphasize the role of clear communication and empathy in crisis situations. The video, developed in Powtoons and post-edited with Finalcut Pro, is designed to be engaging, visually appealing, and effective in delivering its intended message.
A Retail Scenario for a Conflict Resolution Course
In this course, I created on collaborative conflict resolution, I incorporated a retail scenario. This scenario is designed to assist learners in understanding how to manage conflict in a customer service environment. It entails two staff members who are experiencing conflict due to power dynamics. The employees are required to work through the situation and collaboratively find a solution.
A Driving Scenario for a Road Safety Course

I developed a video on Vyond, focusing on road safety at the workplace. The video features a character named Priya, who is depicted as an employee driving for work. The video is designed as a scenario for learners to observe and analyze. Following the video, there will be a series of questions based on Priya's driving scenario. The purpose of these questions is to prompt employers to evaluate whether they have adequate safety measures in place for their employees who drive for work.

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